Co-Creating Interactivity

& Performance Across Cultures

# Cross-cultural interactive making & performance (2015)

Creation of a 13-day temporary makerspace in Hengling village (横岭) in Tongdao County, China, to co-create a drama performance with interactive elements for a local festival (New Rice Day) as well as an exhibition of interactive pieces to entice local interaction and feedback. The core team included 5 local musicians from the Kam ethnic minority, 5 Chinese & 5 UK design students, along with 3 facilitators with strong design & research background.


Role: Organiser, teacher & facilitator
> Logistics, teaching physical computing & interactive making, facilitating performance & exhibition design.

Highlight: Final performance attended by over 300 local people.

Collaborators: Nick Bryan-Kinns (QMUL), Wei Wang (Georgia Tech), Hunan University.