Collidoscope - Interactive sound lab and musical instrument
Year: 2015-...

Collidoscope is an interactive, collaborative sound installation and musical instrument that allows participants to seamlessly record, manipulate, explore and perform real-world sounds.

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Polymetros - Collaborative interactive musical experience
Year: 2012-2015

Polymetros is an interactive, collaborative music system that enables people to play, improvise and compose music together. Via their own instrument each player can contribute to an immediate, collaborative musical creation.

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Zeus - High precision touchscreen environment for music computing
Year: 2008-2011

The Zeus Control is an universal controller for music computing combining the directness of touchscreen interaction with the precision and the tactile feedback of physical controls. It is a cross-platform, plug & play device ready to be used with any software application.

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Scope - Tangible audio mixing interface
Year: 2010

A tangible mixing interface following the metaphor of acoustic sources. Every audio track is represented by a tangible object. By moving these objects in relation to a reference point indicating the acoustic sweet spot, volume and panning are controlled.

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Mouse for intuitive media software control
Year: 2006 - 2007     Stage of development: Fully functional prototype

Awards: 1st price, AES Design Competition, Undergraduate Category, Paris 2006

This specially designed computer mouse enables to control every virtual knob or fader of any software application intuitively: The user just has to move the cursor over it and is immediately able to precisely control it with the hardware encoder placed on the mouse.

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Sensor port - Low-cost sensor to MIDI environment
Year: 2009

Stage of development: Proof-of-concept prototype

A low-cost and easy-to-use solution for controlling sound or multimedia content via sensors in art installations, artistic performances or interactive applications.

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